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Hi Lily Lovers,


I would like to introduce myself, I’m Rose with Rosie’s Lilies. The Weston family has been so gracious to let us make the move forward with the purchase of the daylily stock.  As most of you know the selection of lilies Noel Weston collected is spectacular.  My crew and I look forward to preserving the wide selection and working with everyone to brighten your gardens or enhance your personal collection.

I have been an avid lover of daylilies my whole life. I love the wide selection of beauty the flowers bring, the pops of color, and the ease of care. Every home I have lived in has been brought to life with lovely beds of color from lilies.

A bit about us. The Rosie’s Lilies crew is my family. My son, BJ, handles the day-to-day operations of the farm. He is my jack of all trades. From building flowerbeds to planting lilies to pulling plants for orders to shipping orders, he’s the man. I could not have this dream without him.

My daughter is our photographer, she has a fantastic eye for beauty, and it shows through her photos.

You may be asking yourself what dose Rose do on the farm….lol  I’m still working my 9-5 staff accountant position. I think of myself as a momma to over 700 varieties of daylilies.  As our farm grows, I hope to become a full-time lily farmer.

The farm will no longer be open to the public to walk through in Garner NC. We are transplanting the lilies to our farm in Angier NC. The farm should be open to visitors by spring of 2024.

We are currently taking orders through our website for your planting needs. We will take the orders through Thursday of the week and have the plants available for pick up on Saturday afternoons for locals.

Rosie’s Lilies is also excited to be shipping plants throughout the continental United States.

I’m so excited as to what the future holds for Rosie’s Lilies!

I hope you will join us and share!

Rose Phillips

Rosie’s Lilies

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